Moptil in collaboration with the Managing Authority (Cartagena Puerto de Culturas) of the Archaeological Site and Museum of the Roman Forum of Cartagena in Spain (or as it is otherwise called the Archaeological Park of the Windmills), has developed an interactive VR, 3D recreation of buildings and life (Romans but also by the Carthaginians) during the centuries.

Using this App the user has the opportunity to visualize the exhibits of the place differently as they come to life with an educational way, presenting the buildings of the Forum area, the Sanctuary, the Atrium, the Baths, and many more. All the reconstructions are 3D, in a VR mode and the App provides the user with a complete alignment to the current landscape and include a realistic human presence (Roman men and women) that reveals the buildings use.

The application includes an interactive audio tour in 7 different languages ​​English, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.

The application is available in the form of a tablet service available on site and rented at the site entrance.

Enjoy the History without any limit to your imagination!!

Full reconstructions of buildings and monuments of antiquity, including:

The Archades, the Priests rooms, the Chamber, the Patient rooms, the Temples of Apollon and Asclepius, The main Altar and other temples which have not survived until today.


Building interiors and impressive colorful decorations

Admire the perfection of all the decorative motives and sculptures.

The scientific supervision of all the 3D reconstructions of this App have been supervised by the official archaeological authority, more specifically:

  1. José Madrid Balanza Archaeologist (Technical Director of the archaeological Park of Windmills)
  2. Vistor Velasco Estrada – Archaeologist (Assistant Director)
  3. Soledad Pérez Bolumar – Project Manager and text and sound supervisor
  4. Balwat – graphics and animation of the introduction

At the main Entrance of the Archaeological Site (Outside).



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