This App is an extraordinary 3D and 360 Virtual Tour in the island of Delos – the World Trade Center of antiquity- as it was thousands years ago. You can live virtually among temples, hundreds of statues and everyday life. The sacred street, the sacred lake, the Colossal statue of Naxians, the Temple of Apollo, the Treasures, the reconstruction of the lions street, the famous houses with reconstructed mosaics and many other spots of the town during the glorious days, will keep you astonished. The App content was supervised by Prof. P. Valavanis former President of the Archaeological school of Athens.


When using Moptil’s tablet the user can visualize, reconstructed in 3D (and 360º), fully colored, all temples and statues of Ancient Delos.

Enjoy the History without any limit to your imagination!!

Full reconstruction of the remains and all the disappeared parts and buildings as were 2.500 years ago

See colored and reconstructed the Agora of Italians and Competialists, the Sacred Lake, the famous Lions of Delos, the Temples of Athenians, Apolo and Naxians, the altar of Theseus, Propylaea (main Entrance of the City), the Portico of Philippe, the Houses of Cleopatra, Dionysus and Trident, the Theater plus many sculptures and other buildings and offerings that were in Ancient Delos 2500 year ago.

Building interiors and impressive colorful decorations

Admire the perfection and liveliness in mosaics and sculptures

Archaeological Supervision:
 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy / Dpt. of History and Archaeology, Professor Panos Valavanis, Classical Archaeology

Seize the opportunity to feel like an ancient Greek


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