Do you wonder why ancient Greeks considered that “Omphalos (navel) of the earth,” was spectacularly perched on the slopes of the mountain Parnassus? Using Moptil’s App based on 360º and 3D reconstruction technology, you can walk through the Sacred Way like an ancient Greek and visualize the impressive monuments along the way.


Numerous personal, public politicy or strategical questions were put to the oracle on different matters like lovesickeness, career, war decisions. Now you can meet the priestess Pythia the woman that had an answer for all questions.

Enjoy the History without any limit to your imagination!!

Full reconstructions of buildings and monuments, including:

The Roman Agora, the Corcyrean Bull, the Arcadian Base, the Galleries of the Arcadians, the monument to Lysander, the Marathon Monument, the Trojan Horse, the Naxian Sphynx, the Tripod of Plateae, the Temple of Apollo, the Treasuries of the Athenians the Thebans and the Syphnians, plus many other sculptures, buildings and offerings dedicated to Pythian Apollo.

Building interiors and impressive colorful decorations

Admire the perfection of all the decorative motives and sculptures.


Archaeological Supervision:
Prof. Didier Laroche, Architect, University of Strasburg (École Français d’Athenes), 35 years of excavations in Delphi.

At the Archaeologocal Site Entrance (outside on the main road)


Seize the opportunity to feel like an ancient Greek


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