This is a Virtual Tour in ancient Knossos palace as designed and supervised by renowned archaeologists of prehistoric Aegean. With this App you can enjoy an exclusive 3D Reconstruction of the famous Minoan Palace, that follows the last archaeological and architectural evidences. The immersion in antiquity will lead you in the corridors with frescos, the King’s and Queen’s Megarons, the west magazines the room of double axes and many other Halls and rooms. Moreover, as a user you will watch a bull leaping show and other animations in 3D and 360 that revives life in the ancient Knossos Palace.

View the long lost ancient colors, frescoes, statues and objects of the Minoan Palace of Knossos using Moptil’s interactive reconstruction technology. While visiting the vast palace complex you will not only be able to see with your eyes the central palace areas controversially restored by Sir Arthur Evans in the early 20th century, but also with our App the entire palace complex reconstructed, based on the latest scholarly research!

Enjoy the History without any limit to your imagination!!

Full reconstruction of buildings as they appeared 3,500 years ago, including:

The West Porch, the South Propylaeum, the West Magazines, the Lightwell, the Sanctuary Hall, the Central Court, the Theater, the Grand Staircase, the Hall of Colonnades, the Queen’s Megaron, the School, the Throne, the Hall of the double Axes, the Giant Jar rooms, the Prince of the Lilies fresco, the Corridor of the procession and the Bull frescoes

Building interiors and impressive colorful decorations

Admire the perfection and liveliness of the frescos like the Dolphins or the Hall of the Double Axes!

Includes real-time scenes of people and animals from Minoan times!

See the ancient bull leapers jumping over a bull and students learning how to model with clay, all in real time!

Archaeological Supervision:
 Dr. Colin F. Macdonald, former Curator of the British School in Athens

Supervision Assistant: Dr. Giorgos Vavouranakis, Assistant Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, National Kapodistrian University Of Athens.

Consultant and editing: MSc M. Zoitopoulos, Archaeologist, National Kapodistrian University of Athens


At the main Entrance of the Archaeological Site of Knossos (Outside)


Seize the opportunity to feel like an ancient Greek


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