A virtual tour in the ancient Asklepieion of Kos, a medical center that became famous because of Hippocrates, the founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine, who was teaching there. The user can have a 360 view of the temples and buildings as they were in antiquity, full of colors. The tour includes the rooms of the sick persons, the Temple of Asklepieion, the big altar decorated with sculptures and many other temples that were there to remind us the sacredness of the site. The 3D reconstructions have been supervised by the most renowned archaeologists, who have dedicated many years on the study of this site.

Moptil’s App gives the user the opportunity to visualize, fully reconstructed, in a VR environment with ancient colors, temples and statues, the Asclepieion of Kos.

Enjoy the History without any limit to your imagination!!


Full reconstructions of buildings and monuments of antiquity, including:

The Archades, the Priests rooms, the Chamber, the Patient rooms, the Temples of Apollon and Asclepius, The main Altar and other temples which have not survived until today.

Building interiors and impressive colorful decorations
Admire the perfection of all the decorative motives and sculptures.

Archaeological Supervision: Prof. Aggeliki Giannikouris, former Supervisor of the Institute of Aegean Studies, Professor of Archaeology Monica Livadiotti, Researcher of Ancient History, University of Bari (Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Ingegneria Civile e dell’Architettura)

At the main Entrance of the Archaeological Site (Outside).

Seize the opportunity to feel like an ancient Greek


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