This App is a Virtual tour in Ancient Kameiros of the Greek island Rhodes and belongs to the App family, of the company Moptil (, named Digi-Past.
In this App you can see in 3D and 360 deg. Kameiros town, the religious center with the temple of Apollo, the Fountain square and many other glorious buildings. You can also visit virtually the interior of temples, rooms, baths, statues and ancient Greeks, all fully reconstructed as they used to be in antiquity. The project has been supervised by the archaeologist Prof. Luigi Calio (Un. Of Catania) who has many years of research in Kameiros. The App works off-line, is developed for on-site use, using a unique mechanism to correspond the visual content to the today ruins but also for off-site use, at your place. This last feature makes the App perfect for the site visitors (tourists, students) as well as for those that will not have the chance to travel to Rhodes.