Moptil having in its staff specialized and experienced personnel  involved in the implementation of more than 30 successful projects in the field of technologies of Augmented, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, is the best choice for the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology projects.

All Moptil projects are related to Virtual and Augmented Reality applications and services enhanced with Artificial Intelligence features. All its Apps are based on state-of-the-art software and are operational with hundreds of thousands of users.

Our company undertakes projects with complex and demanding Integration and offers a series of unique services:

– Specification study, Project design and Planning

User Interface Design and Development and User Experience

– Development of 3D photorealistic graphics according to the requirements of the Project

– Development of Augmented and / or Virtual Reality features

– Development of experiences based on Artificial Intelligence technologies

– Project Management Services with modern tools and methods

– Implementation of demanding Integration services

– Testing and optimization procedures

– Support during operation with ticketing and SLA 24/7

– Support during maintenance with ticketing and SLA 24/7

– Supervision of specialized scientists – consultants on a case by case basis (eg Archaeologists, Geologists, etc.)


Moptil has the ability to develop complex and demanding Applications (Apps) aimed at both in the field of educational entertainment in Culture such as Museums, Archaeological sites, Castles, etc. and in the field of vocational Education by creating VR / AR training Apps.

Specifically for the field of vocational training, Moptil has created a new department of design and development of interactive applications for VR / AR glasses, addressed to market companies that want to train their staff with modern methodologies. This means that there is no need for large simulation and demonstration spaces, as well as Covid risk. The Virtual Simulation for VR / AR glasses is created in a 3D environment, customized for every client. The features and characteristics of every educational application are designed in such a way, that the required knowledge is covered.