Moptil’s Terms and Conditions

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Who we are:

MOPTIL (Mobile Optical Illusions- was founded in 2014 with the vision to make young generations love the World Heritage Culture. The way to succeed our vision was through the development of Virtual and Augmented reality 3D Apps and services for Tourism and Education.

We provide Heritage visitors our unique 3D Reconstruction Apps. This App opens a Virtual window to the users and assists them to visualize the monuments fully reconstructed in 3D and 360 deg. The experience is an emotional kick, as the users, whilst being surrounded by ruins, they see through the device all remains fully 3D reconstructed, with colors, statues, objects and human animations.

In 2018 Moptil is fully operational, in Acropolis, Olympia, Knossos, Lindos of Rhodes, Delphi, Delos, Kos, the Cartagena Roman Forum in Spain and VR Tenerife and .

MOPTIL is an enterprise of 20 employees of different specialities like Archaeologists, Historians, AR specialists, Programmers, Painters, Graphists and other Artists.

The company’s clients are some of the biggest tour Operators and International Schools but not only. Many travel agents are using Moptil’s unique services, to provide to their a totally new perspective during the visit in the World Heritage sites (Arch. Sites, Castles, and Museums).

Moptil has been awarded by the Start-Up Greece Awards with the First Prize of Innovation in the field of Tourism and Culture (2016), by E.U as the 3rd best idea in Europe (2017) and by TUI as one of the 4 best service providers (2017).

The President of France F. Holland, the Minister of Tourism in Greece Mrs. Elena Kountoura, and many others have congratulated MOPTIL’s team for its innovative products.

Till now hundreds of thousands of tourists and students have enjoyed our unique Apps and Services. We have signed agreements with all the major international tour operators and travel agents (e.g TUI, MSC, Holland America and many others) as well as with Cartagena Heritage Management and Tenerife Heritage Management.

In 2019 we introduced in the market our App DigiPast, which actually is an educational and entertaining game specially designed for tourists, schools, Universities and lovers of History.

Main terms

This Agreement governs your use of Moptil’s Software (“SW”) or SW as a Service (“Services), through which you can buy, get, licence, rent or subscribe to our apps (“Apps”). Our Apps are available in the: Google Play and App Store. Our Apps are available for your use in your Home Country, as well as any other U.S and European country in which you are temporarily present. To use our Apps, you need compatible hardware, software (latest version recommended and sometimes required) and Internet access (fees may apply). Our SW’s performance may be affected by these factors.


If you have downloaded our App for Enterprise Use then you can download our Apps from the AppStore or Google Play store for free. After you open the App you will notice a splash page and then a username request. Your username is not stored or collected for any use by Moptil. Once you enter your username then the app will be refer to you with your username.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the present agreement regarding the agreed use of the application, the user will not take any action in order to:

Moptil has prepared its Apps in order to be compatible with many different mobile devices but cannot guaranty that Moptil’s App will be functional in the user’s device thus in no case and by no way Moptil will be subject to any liabilities and or any positive or accumulative, direct or indirect damages claimed by a user.

Moptil guaranties that the content of its Apps is scientifically correct and supervised by renowned scientists.

Personal Data Protection

No personal data shall be processed.

We respect the privacy of every person who visits or registers with our Apps and who uses our Apps.